[Icecast] improve compatibility with Galaxy tablet?

Petr Pisar petr.pisar at atlas.cz
Sat Jan 4 06:12:21 UTC 2020

On Fri, Jan 03, 2020 at 05:28:05PM -0600, webmaster at berean-biblechurch.org wrote:
> See below, although none of these things should be specific to the
> Galaxy tablet (my older tablet works fine, too). 
I have an Android 8 phone that agressively turns off WiFi radio after
transaferring data. This is indicated by disappearing a Wifi icon on the
Android status line. Then the access point evaluates the Wifi station as
disappeared and disassociate it. Then the icecast client on the Android wakes
up to read a next chunk of the stream, but the network is in an disconnected
state and thus the client gets a network error. This issue seems to happen
randomly because the two timeouts have a similar period. The client program,
Icecast Player, uses an Android OS-provided API for playing the audio streams
from a network. I have an icacast server right on the access point and it
happens even if the phone is next to it. When searched the Internet, I found
that it's a known bug in Android that Google does not want to fix. Other
applications seems to work because they use different protocols (HLS etc.)
that do not use that API.

Maybe that's your case too.

-- Petr
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