[Icecast] Chrome not allowing mixed content anymore

Alexandru Matei alexandru.ort at gmail.com
Sat Feb 29 13:25:13 UTC 2020


With its 80th version, Chrome stopped serving non-secure resources on https
pages. This affected the icecast server I run also. I enabled SSL, the
issue with Chrome not playing audio got fixed, but I noticed a major drop
in the number of listeners. As far as I figured out, the listeners that
have the http url in a playlist - listening in winamp, vlc etc. - could
listen no more. Those using internet radio devices were affected also.

Does icecast support streaming both http and https on the same port?
Is there such a feature in the version 4.5beta2?
Is there a release date planned for the new version of icecast?

This will affect many listeners and the administrators of those radios
servers. What would you do?

Thank you.

Alex G.
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