[Icecast] Possible CORS issue

Philipp Schafft lion at lion.leolix.org
Sun Feb 16 15:29:45 UTC 2020

Good afternoon,

On Sun, 2020-02-16 at 07:58 +0000, Chip wrote:
> On Sat, 15 Feb 2020 at 14:30, Philipp Schafft <lion at lion.leolix.org> wrote:
> > No, official Icecast does not support HEAD requests as they are largely
> > useless in Icecast context.
> >
> > HEAD requests are meant for cache validation. So they only apply to
> > static files basically. For Icecast, beside a few boring files in web/
> > the answer to "is my copy still valid" is always "no". So by not
> > supporting HEAD the client will retry with GET. Which... the client
> > would need to do anyway IF we would reply with a positive status code
> > for HEAD.
> >
> > Also (ab)using HEAD for monitoring is hardly useful:
> > The stress to the server is the same for answering a non-stub* response
> > to HEAD than to GET as in both cases the client must be attached to the
> > source. Even a stub response ("endpoint exists" or "not found") would
> > require most steps. It requires finding the endpoint, running its auth
> > and applying its ACLs. That is more than half way thru the attach
> > process.
> >
> > Hope that helps you. :)
> >
> > With best regards,
> >
> > * Non-stub results are hardly useful as HTTP is stateless anyway. The
> > standard acknowledges that by making all information about the actual
> > resource beside its existence optional.
> >
>  Unfortunately, I don't yet understand most of that - but I will read and
> re-read.
> However using Icecast 2.4.4, is there an alternative method for my client
> to access status-json.xsl so that they can access "now playing" data?

HEAD is not the right method for this anyway. To get the data you must
send a GET. HEAD will would never send the actual content of the

> My client is using this for an Alexa skill which can positively respond to
> questions such as "Alexa, what is now playing on Radio Blah-Blah?" - which
> sounds pretty cool to me. They could have worked around this by uploading
> "now playing" data via FTP but status-json.xsl had been working fine
> previously.
> For the moment, I've implemented Icecast-KH and my client is happy but I'd
> like to explore the options using 'official Icecast'.

Maybe it would be possible that we arrange a test session on IRC? That
way could have a closer look at what is going on and why it doesn't
work. I really don't see what the problem could be from what you
describe here.

With best regards,

 (Rah of PH2)

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