[Icecast] Possible?

Jordan Erickson jordan at coolmic.net
Wed Dec 30 02:40:51 UTC 2020

A more "Icecast" way of doing things may be to set up fallback mounts 
for that kind of goal. Not sure what kind of listener clients you have 
going to your server but this would be a sort of 'universal' method as 
they are all at least geared toward digesting audio and/or video, so why 
not alert them in that same context? If not, could you give some more 
detail to your setup?


Jordan Erickson

On 12/29/20 6:00 PM, N4UPC wrote:
> It pops a 404 page.
> On Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 19:41, Jacob Briggs <jake at jakebriggs.com 
> <mailto:jake at jakebriggs.com>> wrote:
>> Do you mean like somehow cause the listeners media player to pop open 
>> a web browser and display a specific web page?
>> I wouldn't have thought so. I can only presume the closest to what you 
>> want would be returning an http 503 and the client media player 
>> decides how to communicate that to the user, but I don't know if you 
>> can set icecast up to do that.
>> What happens if you hit a mount point that has nothing streaming to it?
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