[Icecast] moving listeners from stream to stream

Tasos Kotaras tasviv at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 19:35:11 UTC 2020


The issue I have is that I cannot move listeners from the admin page 
from one stream to another. The logs shows that the command was executed 
with no complains:

INFO admin/admin_handle_request Received admin command moveclients.xsl 
on mount "/stream_XXX"
INFO admin/command_move_clients source is "/stream_XXX", destination is 
INFO source/source_move_clients passing 1 listeners to "/snd/fallback.mp3"
INFO source/source_main listener count on /stream_XXX now 0
INFO source/source_main listener count on /snd/fallback.mp3 now 1

Nevertheless, the sound stops at the listener's side. If I refresh the 
browser's player, then the original stream_XXX is heard again.

Of course I tested the streams individually and they work perfectly. 
What fails is just the migration of the listeners from the one to the other.

What I do wrong?


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