[Icecast] Best method of grabbing Now Playing metadata with PHP?

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Fri Sep 13 15:50:06 UTC 2019

On Sep 13, 2019, at 11:04, Richard Elen <relen at brideswell.com> wrote:

> If we simply want to output metadata as you describe, how much,if any, of the prerequisites described in
> https://github.com/RadioFreeAsia/GlassPlayer/blob/master/INSTALL <https://github.com/RadioFreeAsia/GlassPlayer/blob/master/INSTALL>
> can we dispense with? We are dealing with a shared hosting system for the host so installing the bare minimum would be a good idea (especially as we may have to ask the provider to do it! The streaming server is a dedicated machine, but the logging system we need to run this on is shared hosting).

Assuming that you don’t need the actual audio, you should be able to use the built in file backend and just dump it to /dev/null. In that case, the only optional prerequisite you’d need would be the codec appropriate for the stream encoding (LibMad for MP3 or FDK-AAC for AAC). (As I write this, I realize that I forgot to mention a significant caveat in my earlier reply: as of right now, only 'Icy-style' metadata is supported, which means that only MP3 and AAC formatted streams will generate in-stream metadata updates. Support for Ogg metadata is currently in the works).


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