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Robert Jeffares jeffares.robert at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 12:06:20 UTC 2019

Hi Foxxe,

Just caught up with this today and I think that there is a problem here 
in that you are asking for something that Icecast *PROVIDES* but it's no 
something that Icecast *does* alone.

First of all lets acknowledge that Icecast is an open source program 
[=free] and that various people, Thomas_B in particular, give their time 
and skill freely.

You can't expect 24/7 support. If you want it there are lots of good 
contractors who will accommodate you.

I believe Shoutcast is also open source but I don't know any to much 
about it.

I do know what both programs are stream delivery platforms which can 
deliver various [audio] streams from a server to clients [listeners] 
within the limits of available bandwidth, and any limits set in the 
configuration. They are by no means the only games in town, but they are 
the most common.

Icecast can deliver any number of progamme streams from *one server* 
within the limits as described above.

A stream needs to be created by an *ENCODER* program which takes audio 
from somewhere in some format and encodes it in a format that the aveage 
client can convert back to audio. Common formats are mp3 [sigh] AAC, 
AAC+. In your case you are using MPEG Audio layer 1/2 (mpga) which is 
running 44100 256kb/s.

I use Darkice because it allows me to encode in AAC+ but there are 
plenty of options.

Icecast and Shoutcast allow your encoder program to mount the stream on 
the address of the Streaming Server usually as an agreed user with an 
agreed password.

Streaming is available on port 8000 [default] or any other port you care 
to use. Be careful; other people use other ports for various well known 
purposes so straying too far can be disingenuous.

In your case you want two independent programmes to be available on your 
website so you set up two instances of an encoder and mount both on the 
icecast server with different names.

You can have the Icecast server and a couple of instances of darkice on 
the same server provided you have enough processor power, ram, and hard 
disk space. You will need two sound cards or one with two independent 
inputs. Alternately you may have playout systems which deliver audio in 
some digital format. Rivendell has nice encoder called GlassCoder. If 
you run Jack you can use Jamin as a levelling and dynamic equalizer device.

I have an Icecast server which delivers 3 streams generated locally from 
one source, and a daily drop in from another continent for a 2 hour show.

Ice cast is configured with default settings with the passwords changed 
and port 8000 fowarded from the router to the server.

Two of the streams are picked up by a service provider who can support 
500 simultaneous clients. Our studio ISP service chokes at anything 
above 10!

We direct feed a number of transmitter sites with AAC+ which has proven 
very reliable. No drop out's!

So lets summarise.

Icecast works 'out of the box' with minor config tweaks. The passwords, 
and the server ip address.

The encoder is a little more detailed to set up. You need a source for 
audio, a sample rate [that the gear will handle], and maybe a bit rate.

Audio level is critical. I use Darkice. I think the remote studio is 
using BUTT. There are boxes like Barix which will do the job.

There are many encoders but not so many streaming servers.

Icecast can take a Shoutcast formatted stream and relay it either as a 
'look like shoutcast' or reworked as Icecast.

Some broadcast playout systems will encode shoutcast only and Icecast 
has some advantages. Yes some are undocumented.

I build servers on repurposed desktops running ubuntu server Icecast and 
Darkice. I have a colleague who builds the same thing on a Raspberry Pi.

You can use just about anything. If analog audio set the system to use 
the sound card default.

Avoid windows if at all possible as updates create havoc with audio.

One problem you will have is that anything more than 5 connections to 
your site will be unreliable even if you have an unlimited fibre connection.

You need lots of upload to support listeners and avoid those pesky dropouts.

I hope this helps. If you need some config advice let me know what you 
are running as encoder and post your Icecast.xml.



PS The blues format is not bad, lots of dropouts here but the content is 
jolly good.

On 10/09/19 6:41 PM, wilderzone.radio.2 wrote:
> Hello, Thomas_B._Rücker,
> Initially I was asking for a working example file with more than one stream instance. Something that I can take as an example to work from.
> I've not gotten that yet, despite posting 2 config files; both that came with the install package.
> Trust me, if there were other choices for streaming servers than just icecast and shoutcast; I'd be running there to see if THEY have any real support.
> Consider this for a moment before you pull that hangman's rope. I've been trying to solve this mystery since February and have only found a sprinkling of sites here and there that will even TALK about streaming server software and of those few, I've come across abuse and ignorance in plenty.
> This software has little to no docs to speak of (not unlike Blender which to my knowledge has absolutely NO docs at ALL in my 8 years of searching.)
> Of all the results I've gotten last night THIS is what I've learned: The icecast package I got had TWO config files in it, one apparently was an example file (although there was no indication of it's example status by any "paperwork" and the other was setup merely for one stream. Any documentation I've seen shows only one thing; confusion and misdirection.
> ie: "shoutcast-mount" has STILL not been explained as to it's actual function and WHY it's called as such despite the fact it has NOTHING at all to do with shoutcast.
> And where are these multiple stream configs I've asked repeated for? (or any help in plain english in that direction?).
> My current status in this quagmire is that I HAVE TO host 2 streams on TWO machines because NO ONE has bothered to answer the question I asked (see the subject line for that little detail)
> I want to be able to put this mess behind me ONE AND FOR ALL, without more excessive stress from kids that think it's funny to troll people on the internet!
> I am seriously wondering if it was a smart idea to ever allow the US on the internet in the first place!!
> ======= At 2019-09-10, 01:01:48 you wrote: =======
>> [removed for language]
> I'm sorry if english disturbs you but I don't speak my mother tongue.
>> I understand that you are frustrated, but I must advise you that your
>> tone is not acceptable. Please refrain from insulting us or I will have to put a stop to this.
>> I understand that the documentation is hard to make sense of for you,
>> thus I have emphasized that we can help.Do you want help with this?
> I am ready if you are. DOS and BASIC (back in the 70's) was easier to learn; NOTHING should be this tedious.
> = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
> Best regards.				
> Rev. Foxxe Wilder
> wilderzone.radio.2 at gmail.com
> thewilderzone.sytes.net
> 2019-09-10
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