[Icecast] multiple instances? Updated

tth sigfood at dinorama.fr
Tue Sep 10 08:09:44 UTC 2019

Le 10/09/2019 08:41:08, wilderzone.radio.2 a écrit :

> This software has little to no docs to speak of


> (not unlike Blender which to my knowledge has absolutely NO docs at  
> ALL in my 8 years of searching.)


> ie: "shoutcast-mount" has STILL not been explained as to it's actual  
> function and WHY it's called as such despite the fact it has NOTHING  
> at all to do with shoutcast.

    Read the docs, again...

> I am seriously wondering if it was a smart idea to ever allow the US  
> on the internet in the first place!!

    You are a troll : US have _created_ our Internet :)

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