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jake jake at jakebriggs.com
Tue Sep 10 07:45:15 UTC 2019

Your query has actually been answered more than once. You don't need to 
define mounts in the icecast.xml file, the source clients (which connect 
to icecast and stream music to it) define the mount point by virtue of 
connecting to it. I use liquadsoap as a source client, and I set the 
mount point in liquadsoap to "jake-radio.mp3" like this:

-------- 8< --------
   host = "localhost", port = 8000,
   password = "NOTMYREALPASSWORD", mount = "jake-radio.mp3",
   description="jakeradio - all my songs on random", name="jakeradio",
-------- 8< --------

I have another mount point configured in liquadsoap set to 
"carly-radio.mp3" in a similar manner.

The words "jake-radio.mp3" and "carly-radio.mp3" do not appear in the 
icecast.xml at all.

You may need to change the <icecast><limits><sources> value to be more 
than 1 or 2 - I can't remember the default.

If you are using vlc to stream, just tell it a new mount point and 
icecast will just make it.

Now your behaviour has been fairly belligerent to be quite honest, and I 
am surprised your behaviour hasn't resulted in some sort of banning. We 
are not all kids - I am not the oldest at 43, but I don't think that 
makes me a kid - nor has anyone trolled you. You need to calm down a 


On 2019-09-10 18:41, wilderzone.radio.2 wrote:
> Hello, Thomas_B._Rücker,
> Initially I was asking for a working example file with more than one
> stream instance. Something that I can take as an example to work from.
> I've not gotten that yet, despite posting 2 config files; both that
> came with the install package.
> Trust me, if there were other choices for streaming servers than just
> icecast and shoutcast; I'd be running there to see if THEY have any
> real support.
> Consider this for a moment before you pull that hangman's rope. I've
> been trying to solve this mystery since February and have only found a
> sprinkling of sites here and there that will even TALK about streaming
> server software and of those few, I've come across abuse and ignorance
> in plenty.
> This software has little to no docs to speak of (not unlike Blender
> which to my knowledge has absolutely NO docs at ALL in my 8 years of
> searching.)
> Of all the results I've gotten last night THIS is what I've learned:
> The icecast package I got had TWO config files in it, one apparently
> was an example file (although there was no indication of it's example
> status by any "paperwork" and the other was setup merely for one
> stream. Any documentation I've seen shows only one thing; confusion
> and misdirection.
> ie: "shoutcast-mount" has STILL not been explained as to it's actual
> function and WHY it's called as such despite the fact it has NOTHING
> at all to do with shoutcast.
> And where are these multiple stream configs I've asked repeated for?
> (or any help in plain english in that direction?).
> My current status in this quagmire is that I HAVE TO host 2 streams on
> TWO machines because NO ONE has bothered to answer the question I
> asked (see the subject line for that little detail)
> I want to be able to put this mess behind me ONE AND FOR ALL, without
> more excessive stress from kids that think it's funny to troll people
> on the internet!
> I am seriously wondering if it was a smart idea to ever allow the US
> on the internet in the first place!!
> ======= At 2019-09-10, 01:01:48 you wrote: =======
>> [removed for language]
> I'm sorry if english disturbs you but I don't speak my mother tongue.
>> I understand that you are frustrated, but I must advise you that your
>> tone is not acceptable. Please refrain from insulting us or I will 
>> have to put a stop to this.
>> I understand that the documentation is hard to make sense of for you,
>> thus I have emphasized that we can help.Do you want help with this?
> I am ready if you are. DOS and BASIC (back in the 70's) was easier to
> learn; NOTHING should be this tedious.
> = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
> Best regards.				
> Rev. Foxxe Wilder
> wilderzone.radio.2 at gmail.com
> thewilderzone.sytes.net
> 2019-09-10
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