[Icecast] multiple instances? Updated

Thomas B. Rücker thomas at ruecker.fi
Tue Sep 10 07:33:23 UTC 2019


On 9/10/19 6:41 AM, wilderzone.radio.2 wrote:
> Hello, Thomas_B._Rücker,
> Initially I was asking for a working example file with more than one stream instance. Something that I can take as an example to work from.

It took us quite a few emails to get to what your setup actually looks like.
So the initial ideas didn't work. Iterating over things is often necessary.

Without further ado and "geek speak" or "trolling", here's what should
work for you:

<location>My Wilderness</location>
<admin>wilderzone.radio at gmail.com</admin>
    <header name="Access-Control-Allow-Origin" value="*"/>
<alias source="/" destination="/status.xsl"/>

I won't bore you with the "tech gibberish". Once you run Icecast with
the above settings, you can:

Point "SAM" or "DNAS" at your server and port 8080 to broadcast to
Point "SAM" or "DNAS" at your server and port 8082 to broadcast to

That's it. It took a while for us all here on the mailing list together
to find all the details necessary, but in the end it is indeed simple.


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