[Icecast] multiple instances? Updated

Thomas B. Rücker thomas at ruecker.fi
Tue Sep 10 05:01:31 UTC 2019


On 9/9/19 8:22 PM, wilderzone.radio.2 wrote:
> Hello, Thomas_B._Rücker,
>>>> I am not familiar with a file called "icecast_run.xml".
>>>> Could this be a local modification to your installation?
>>>> You should be able to check which one is used by opening the
>>>> "icecast.bat" file that you are using to start the server.
>>> aha!! You nailed it! I have no idea why but the package I downloaded months ago (Icecast v2.4.3)
>>> came with the batchfile premade and the actual configs seem to be this oddly named file... (I recall being confused as to why there would be TWO config files, but I've seen stranger things in the past so I editted both to reflect my needs...) 
>>> So here is the actual working config: 
>>> Now I don't see anywhere in which I can put the extra mount points 
>>> (nor do I recall a port designation for the 2nd stream mentioned at all tonight).
>> Yes, those fields are not included in your configuration file, but can
>> be inserted.
>> It's kind of arbitrary, but you could insert those <mount>…</mount>
>> sections/lines after the second </listen-socket> and before the <limits>
>> line.
>> I *strongly* recommend to create a backup copy of the working config
>> file! It's easy to miss something and end up with Icecast refusing to start.
>>> <icecast>
>>> <hostname>wilder Zone</hostname>
>>> <location>My Wilderness</location>
>>> <admin>wilderzone.radio at gmail.com</admin>
>> So this line defines to which mountpoint a Shoutcast source client gets
>> redirected:
> the email addy does this? THAT gets a bit more confusing.

Please note the colon, that sentence refers to the line BELOW.

>> <shoutcast-mount>/rock</shoutcast-mount>
> I truly don't understand HOW the hell shoutcast even gets mentioned in the configs at all. To me that's like going to Domino's Pizza and ordering a Big Mac (no sense at all)

To stay in that analogy: If you only ever ate Big Mac's and suddenly
find yourself in a different burger "restaurant" and only know to say
"give me Big Mac!", then there are two likely outcomes:
* Staff will tell you to leave as they can't serve you *exactly* that
* Staff will try to *interpret* what you are saying and match that to
their menu to serve you to the best of their ability.

Icecast does exactly that. You are coming to it with Shoutcast software
which says "Here, take Shoutcast stream!".
With a tiny bit of configuration (shoutcast-mount) Icecast will be able
to serve the client despite it speaking "a foreign language". It's
basically like a note to staff "If someone asks for a Big Mac, serve
them our XYZ Burger".

>> That's an implicit mount definition.
>> If you want to be able to use Shoutcast source clients for either mount,
>> then your configuration will have to change a bit.
>> It's described here:
>> https://icecast.org/docs/icecast-2.4.1/config-file.html#backward-compatibility-with-shoutcast-source-clients
>> If you need help with making those modifications, I'm sure there are
>> people on the mailing list who can lend a hand.
> I've been working on this with the mailing list literally

[removed for language]

I understand that you are frustrated, but I must advise you that your
tone is not acceptable.
Please refrain from insulting us or I will have to put a stop to this.

I understand that the documentation is hard to make sense of for you,
thus I have emphasized that we can help.
Do you want help with this?

Thomas B. Rücker
Icecast maintainer

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