[Icecast] multiple instances?

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Hello, Thomas_B._Rücker,

======= At 2019-09-09, 08:34:05 you wrote: =======

>>     <limits>
>>         <clients>100</clients>
>>         <sources>2</sources>
>Beware, you are limiting the Icecast server to TWO active mountpoints.
>If you try a third connection it will fail.

At this point, I'd be happy with the 2nd one working, then I can worry about any limitations.

>I hope that's not your real password. In case it is, please change it.

of course not, but over this entire ordeal it's been a nickname people have given me after I tell them that their "google it" answers are f**king useless)


>As already pointed out by Unosonic, there is currently no defined
><mount>. Connecting using the source-password will make it appear on the
>fly, but there are no special settings applied.

Yeah he was EXTREMELY VAGUE about that comment. I have yet to suss out just what the heck he meant by it.

>You can create mountpoints by adding the earlier mentioned sections. The
>only important thing is that this must be outside of sections enclosed
>by <!-- -->.

Also, in regards to Notepad++, I've got it but it's extremely useless to me. 
I got it for a function that it was alleged to have but I never found that function and "words in pretty colours" don't mean anything at all unless you have an idea of what those colours are supposed to denote.

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Best regards.				 

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