[Icecast] multiple instances?

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Mon Sep 9 10:50:55 UTC 2019

Hello, unosonic,

Well it's 6am here and 15 degrees and my neighbours are uptight people in the USA... so there is mega stress everywhere I look. 
(plus I've been trying to crack this oddball XML code <that no one seems to support at all>  for a few years without any luck or help up to now).

In the past I've had extremely rude replies mostly from kids "google it" which of course only leads to 200 plus pages of links to pages that tell me nothing at all.
So asking for help on the net has become extremely problematic.

I couldn't help but to notice that NO ONE mentions the OTHER XML file, towit "icecast_run.xml".
NO changes there???

======= At 2019-09-09, 06:23:42 you wrote: =======

>> I do not wish to have to read an encyclopedia to discover out a simple answer.
>> Let's drop the "geek speak" and geek attitudes here and try to speak normal english as I don't speak any other form of english.
>you know, it's a nice warm late summer day here where I am, 
>polite and friendly people are around, no greater stress to 
>be expected. I'm sorry that your situation is such that you 
>can't even figure out "a simple answer" yourself. So let me 
>try to help you:
>Copy this as often as you want into your icecast config file,
>(don't forget to change mount-name and password!)
>     <mount type="normal">
>             <mount-name>/mountpoint1</mount-name>
>             <password>password</password>
>     </mount>
>reload the server, then connect a source to each mountpoint,
>then point your player to http://your.server:PORT/mountpoint etc.
>If you want to have more elaborated features, you may have to read
>the manual, unfortunately...
>Icecast mailing list
>Icecast at xiph.org

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Best regards.				 

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