[Icecast] Best version of Icecast? / Icecast as a service? / Videostreaming?

ak18 at 5x9.de ak18 at 5x9.de
Mon Sep 9 07:42:18 UTC 2019

Am 09.09.2019 um 08:26 schrieb Thomas B. Rücker:
> Running Icecast on Linux or BSD is far superior in terms of reliability
> and maintainability.
> We do not consider the Windows builds of Icecast to be particularly
> suitable for production use.
> There are ways of running it as a service if you must, like e.g. using
> "nssm" and pointing it to "icecast.bat"
I'm using only windows-server. What is "nssm"? Link?
>> 3. Can Icecast stream also video livestream? Where can I find more
>> about it?
> Yes, Icecast has had support for video streams since the early 2000's.
> The currently recommended options are:
> * WebM (container)
>  * VP8 + Vorbis
>  * VP9 + Opus
> * Ogg (container)
>  * Theora + Vorbis
> Other legacy formats like "NSV" are likely to work too as Icecast will
> go into "legacy" (or simply put "dumb") mode and simply pass through the
> data. We can't really help with those though.
> Please note that the default settings of Icecast are not well suited to
> video streaming. Especially increasing the burst on connect can be very
> helpful.
> Also most encoders are not tuned for streaming use-cases. For video
> codecs you need to enable modes that prioritize "just in time"
> (sometimes referred to as "real time") encoding. Also due to how video
> players behave you usually have to run a fairly low GoP (key-frame
> interval) - this will be a trade-off between bitrate and reliability.

Does videostreaming work with rtmp/rtmps ? If no, which server-software 
can handle such a stream?


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