[Icecast] How to stream directly with curl to icecast mount point?

Per Gunnarsson per.gunnarsson at yandex.com
Wed Nov 6 19:47:53 UTC 2019


I have tried streaming with curl directly to an input.harbor on
liquidsoap, and now I am curious if it's possible to stream to an
icecast mountpoint in a similar way. If this is the case, which curl
options should I use?

Whe I stream to input.harbor, I do like this:

parec --raw --rate=48000 --channels=1 | \
oggenc -Q -r -R 48000 -C 1 -q 10 --utf8 --title 'My apartment' --artist
mustafejen  --genre 'curl test' - | \
curl -s -ssl --user source:james_bond -H "Content-Type: audio/ogg" -T -


Per Gunnarsson

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