[Icecast] mountpoint configuration beyond the basics?

Tasos Kotaras tasviv at gmail.com
Sun Mar 31 09:55:43 UTC 2019


I'm new to icecast, but in few time I setup a streaming system using a 
raspberry pi as stream source through darkice towards my icecast server.

All seemed fine with the basic mountpoint configuration, but when I 
tried to try some of the more "advanced" features I failed badly.

More specifically:

1. I tried to force a failback mountpoint like this:


but is not triggered. Similarly with <intro>, but this is not as important.

According to the documentation, this mountpoint could just be a file, 
and this is what the above mp3 is. This one is situated in the web/snd 
directory, but I also tried other positions, even absolute directory 
path (that I guess is totally irrelevant). Now, If I "hit" this file 
from the URL http://...:8000/snd/...mp3 it is perfectly heard.  If for 
some reason the stream source is down and I refresh the icecast URL, I 
get 404, instead of the failback stream.

2. A grave consequence of the above (if not something else) I cannot 
restore a temporarily interrupted stream. If darkice fails at some 
point, then sound stops at icecast (expected) but when the stream is 
back, icecast does not continue broadcasting. It requires a browser 
refresh to do so. Not even pressing the "play" is not good enough, as it 
plays from the cache.

3. I would like to have a record of who and when connected/disconnected, 
so I obviously tried these:


with the same "bad luck". Again, I tried all possible paths, like 
absolute (as above) or relative to web/, etc.

Something tells me that all above are somehow related and have to do 
with errors in the directory paths. The docs do not help anymore. I 
spare you from sending the whole configuration (unless you ask), as 
everything else is working perfectly.

What I miss here?

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