[Icecast] listen URL is incorrect

Thomas B. Rücker thomas at ruecker.fi
Sun Mar 3 09:33:32 UTC 2019


On 3/2/19 10:13 PM, webmaster at berean-biblechurch.org wrote:
> I'm running a TLS secured Icecast 2.4.4 on Windows server.  It streams
> across the Internet fine.
> My config XML has:
> <hostname>stream.myserver.org</hostname>
>  <listen-socket>
>         <port>443</port>
>     <bind-address></bind-address>
>         <ssl>1</ssl>
>     </listen-socket>
>     <listen-socket>
>         <port>8000</port>
>         <bind-address></bind-address>
>     </listen-socket>
> But, on the admin page, the listen URL is missing the HTTPS.  The
> server URL is correct.
> listenurl
> http://stream.myserver.org:443/live.mp3
> server_url
> https://stream.myserver.org/live.mp3

It's a known limitation of Icecast 2.4.x – it can't form HTTPS URLs for
streams in its status and thus web interface. This should not be a big
limitation as most users will not rely on the web interface to link
users to their streams, but will manually place links on e.g. their
website and thus have full control over it.

Also note that listing HTTPS streams is currently *not* supported on
dir.xiph.org. If you want to list there, your primary (first in order in
the config file) listen socket *must* be HTTP.

> How can I correct this?

I'd suggest to ignore those URLs on the status interface and just use
manual links (see above).

If you want working URLs on your web interface, then you can reorder the
'listen-socket' tags and put a non-TLS port first. The web interface
will then link to that, while everything will remain available over TLS too.

> Also, the documentation
> (https://icecast.org/docs/icecast-trunk/config_file/) says the tag for
> a TLS connection is <tls>, but I could never get that to work.  I
> could get only the tag <ssl> to work.

Please note that this is the *trunk* aka. still-in-development
documentation. Version 2.5 will support <tls> tags with <ssl> tags being

Relevant documentation for the 2.4 series is:
We have not updated the documentation since 2.4.1 as there were no
changes necessitating this.



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