[Icecast] source client for ifon?

unosonic un at aporee.org
Wed Jun 5 20:53:30 UTC 2019

not sure if this belongs here, but I though it might, since there was no good 
icecast source client available for iOS anymore, AFAIK, since KoalaSan disappeared,
which caused problems on all who are into mobile streaming. iCast has a difficult
pricing and didn't work well for me.

Now there's a new one, not for free but, but rather cheap and a cool tool... 
I've tested it for a while now, did many hours of live mobile streaming, worked very good, 
also with a lot of external and exotic usb devices like recorders and soundcards 
(host cable needed). It's called iziCast and is from the author of butt. 
(disclaimer: I don't get a share of the sales... just happy that there is a new iOS client ;)

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