[Icecast] Icecast YP listing

Curtis Stewart curtis at stubert.ca
Mon Jun 3 05:25:36 UTC 2019


I'm having trouble getting my radio stream to list properly on the directory.

We recently moved to icecast from shoutcast and it seems like the listen links are still pointing to the old radionomy streams. Plus, I've updated the website URL in the encoder to https://myvictory.ca/radio/ but it isn't getting updated in the directory. The only thing it's getting from my icecast server is the song info updates.

The listing can be found by searching myvictory. The stream urls should be http://radio.myvictory.ca/myvictory-radio.mp3 and http://radio.myvictory.ca/myvictory-radio.aac.

Could you give me some pointers about what I'm doing wrong?


Curtis Stewart

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