[Icecast] Trying to compile icecast in Toradex apalis imx6

Thomas B. Rücker thomas at ruecker.fi
Thu Feb 14 18:58:47 UTC 2019


On 2/14/19 2:01 PM, João Victor Oliveira wrote:
> I'm using a Toradex apalis imx6 board to make a project for my
> bussiness and I need Icecast running on it, but I can't compile it in
> the board. It shows an error in "xslt" while compiling- I'm using Yocto.

By that you mean you are using the OpenEmbedded framework to bitbake a
custom Linux distribution for your board. (The Yocto Project offers
various layers that get used by OE for that purpose)

> Do yow have any idea how can I compile Icecast source code in my
> Toradex apalis board without using this xslt?

libXSLT is a requirement for building Icecast.

I'm not sure why you are trying to build Icecast on the device itself if
you have a whole massive build automation framework for embedded Linux
at hand.

If writing a Bitbake recipe for Icecast is not your cup of tea you could
also go the manual route of cross-compiling. For this you'd need to
build "an SDK" with your environment first. Then use it.

In all cases, you must ensure that the header files of libraries you are
linking against are available at build time. Most important for Icecast
are: libVorbis, libOgg, libXML2, libXSLT and libCURL

If you have trouble to get the OE framework to do your bidding, you
might want to ask the OE and Yocto communities for help.



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