[Icecast] Kicking duplicate connections

Gavin Stephens gavin at stephens.net.nz
Sun Dec 22 13:39:04 UTC 2019

With NAT, also with carrier grade NAT becoming more poplular with ISP's yet to move to IPv6, if you have a very popular stream you could end up kicking valid listners behind the same IP.

On 23 December 2019 2:18:35 AM NZDT, Damian <db76 at riseup.net> wrote:
>Hello fellow mailing list readers,
>My question relates to multiple / duplicate connections to the ice cast
>server from the same IP address.
>I am well aware that this is an issue that lies with the music player
>(listener agent) used by the listener. When a listener connects to the
>stream, sometimes it appears as two connections to the stream from the
>same IP address. This may last only a few seconds, or sometimes the
>listener may remain connected with two instances of the IP address. 
>I’d like some advice on what is best practice in dealing with these
>duplicate connections. Many years ago, when I ran a shoutcast server, a
>developer wrote a script for me that would automatically kick one of
>the duplicate connections, so that only the first connection remained
>tuned in to the stream. 
>I was considering reusing this script with the ice cast server. Would
>anyone advise against this practice? If so, for what reasons and would
>you advise an alteravie?
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