[Icecast] How to make the playlist repeat

Allen Seelye allen at mtlaners.org
Sun Dec 8 19:22:15 UTC 2019

Good afternoon,

I have two playlists going, on separate mount points, and they both
exhibit this behavior. It appears that ices is shutting down when it
reaches the end of the playlist. I'm getting these same four lines at
the end of the logs of both playlists:

[2019-12-08  00:00:53] INFO playlist-builtin/write_ogg_data module
shutdown requested
[2019-12-08  00:00:53] INFO input/input_loop Closing input module
[2019-12-08  00:00:53] INFO playlist-builtin/playlist_close_module Close
playlist module
[2019-12-08  00:00:53] INFO ices-core/main Shutdown in progress

I have <param name="once"> set to zero, but perhaps I'm misunderstanding
what that line is supposed to do.|

|My full (sanitized) playlist.xml is her --> https://pastebin.com/qGpas1Xf|

|Any help is appreciated.

Allen Seelye
A Linux user since 1997.

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