[Icecast] Configuring two channels

Jake jake at jakebriggs.com
Mon Oct 8 10:05:36 UTC 2018

Hello there, a fellow kiwi!

Are you able to perhaps explain a bit more about where Icecast is hosted and how the stream is generated and served to icecast?

To have extra mount points, you merely need to stream a new stream to icecast and it'll "just work" - but I am fairly sure it is by default limited to 3 streams. This can be changed fairly easily though.

Would I be correct in assuming that you need three streams of differing qualities but the same content?


---- Catherine Percy wrote ----

>Hi there,
>Are you able to assist us to configure two channels on icecast?
>We need to reconfigure icecast (our audio streaming server) to stream
>multiple "mount" points, to include the two additional streams that a
>digital radio app requires.
>Thank you
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