[Icecast] Tracking Listeners with Key and other parameters

Alex Hackney me at alexhackney.com
Mon Nov 26 22:59:23 UTC 2018

I have an app that I've built that leverages the auth functionality of 
icecast2 to track when listeners are added to the stream and monitor 
what they listen to.

I've ran in to an issue where if a listener disconnects for a few 
seconds then reconnects, I track them as a new user.

I can't track by ip cause there may be a few people listening from the 
same public ip.

In the docs I see this...

Other Options
This is a list of HTTP headers provided by the client which should be 
passed to the authencation service. Those headers are prepended by the 
value of header_prefix and sent as POST parameters.

Could I use that to track individual clients? Meaning, when the client 
hits the app and gets the auth can I pass back the session_id and then 
if they disconnect then reconnect I get that session_id back?

Also how can I implement other options to be passed to the auth server?

if i have http://streaming.server.com/mount-aac.m3u?source=alexa

Is there a way to retrieve that in the post thats sent to the 
authentication server? So I can track where they are listening from? I 
can get the agent and that gives a little bit of detail but I'd like to 
have a little better control over it.



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