[Icecast] relay backup file

Michel van Dop mvandop at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 21 08:15:29 UTC 2018


I have install 2 Icecast servers. 
We not using master relay. But we use specific mountrelay for fallback:
server1 - pc1 encoder over dsl
server2 - pc2 encoder over cable internet

We use the same mountpoints on both icecast servers and use the failback
to a relay mountpoint from the other server.
Works fine when we shutdown pc1 or pc2 there is on both icecast server

We like to have a second option when both pc encoders are offline we
like to hear a file. How to use in the relay the fallback option?

So this is the config on both server:
mount /main, when down go to /fallback on the relay mountpoint from the
other server.
When /main and fallback (relay) is down we like to hear a /file.mp3

Best regards,
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