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Jake jake at jakebriggs.com
Fri Nov 9 09:56:04 UTC 2018

Couldn't you also just have a client stream locally from icecast that can do things on metadata change? I mean it's a bit icky but it'd work.

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>Good morning,
>On Thu, 2018-11-08 at 12:45 -0500, Alex Hackney wrote:
>> I actually got this to work this morning finally. The problem was on my 
>> auth server.
>Perfect. :)
>> I see the source auth hook being sent a lot, is there anyway to get the 
>> current metadata in that hook?
>No. The auth happens long before the client is attached to any source.
>In fact in Icecast 2.5.x the auth backend can even redirect the client
>to other resources.
>> Ideally, every time the source is updated, I'd like to get a hook so I 
>> can track the songs that are being played. Alternatively, the only way I 
>> can see doing it, is to make a get request every X seconds and watch for 
>> the song to change.
>There currently isn't one. For 2.5.x there already is a ticket[0] for
>What you can do is polling the status XML. You can also use the STATS
>interface[1]. Also there is the playlist log. You can watch and follow
>that file to see when updates are made.
>With best regards,
>[0] https://gitlab.xiph.org/xiph/icecast-server/issues/2189
>[1] Try it with: wget -qO - --method=STATS
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