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Richard Elen relen at brideswell.com
Fri Mar 30 11:20:12 UTC 2018

Excellent - you'll need to make sure that you have the settings that 
they use for their broadcasts so that you can take over the stream 
seamlessly with no issues. This means:

  * Audio encoder (generally mp3, HE-AAC or AAC+) Nicecast only does
    mp3; BUTT and LadioCast support both mp3 and AAC; AAC offers higher
    audio quality at a lower data rate
  * Data rate (kb/sec) (Hopefully at least 128kb/s if mp3, preferably more)
  * Sample rate (generally 44.1 kHz)
  * Word length (generally 16-bit)
  * Stereo/mono (generally stereo)

You'll want to agree handover protocols between you so that you can take 
the stream and hand it back as smoothly as possible without 
interruptions. We do this with a text instant messaging channel and 
count down to handover.


On 30-Mar-18 12:03, Cliff Witherspoon wrote:
> Thank you Richard. They do have me set up with a DJ account to I will put all of this together today and see what I can make work. Thanks to all.
> Cliff Witherspoon
> Red Arrow Entertainment
> 864-613-4201
>> On Mar 30, 2018, at 5:04 AM, Richard Elen <relen at brideswell.com> wrote:
>> Hi, Cliff...
>> The suggestions I've made assume that the station would allow you to drive their server for the duration of the program. This may not be the case.
>> If so, then you may want to set up a streaming audio server yourself and supply its address to the station; they can then receive your feed and rebroadcast it via their normal output channels. However the downside of this is that the signal would be encoded, decoded and re-encoded by the time it was broadcast. The original solution I proposed had you driving the station's servers directly, which would be preferable - they should be able to set up a DJ account for you - this is especially easy if they have a system like Centova on their Icecast system.
>> If you DO want to set up a special server for the feed yourself, you can of course run up your own Icecast server, or rent a stream from a provider (extremely easy). Alternatively, NiceCast allows you to create a local streaming server on your Mac and the station you're working with can tune in to that to receive your live audio. However NiceCast (from Rogue Amoeba) is no longer supported: you may have to ask them about it.
>> There are also other ways of getting your live audio feed from your studio to the station. You could set up what is essentially a studio-transmitter link (STL), using broadcast hardware designed for the purpose. A good and relatively cheap (a few hundred $) example of gear for this is the DEVA Broadcast DB91-TX and DB91-RX which allow you to send a CD-quality uncompressed PCM stream from your location (using the TX unit) to the station (who would have the RX unit). The TX unit can also log into to an Icecast 2 (or deprecated Shoutcast 1) streaming audio server, so the TX unit is ANOTHER solution to driving the station's Icecast server directly, instead of the software solutions described earlier. We run the DB91-TX to feed from our playout system to our Icecast 2 KH servers and it works beautifully.
>> http://www.deva-ip-audio.com/products/db91-tx
>> http://www.deva-ip-audio.com/products/db91-rx
>> I hope this helps!
>> --Richard E
>>> On 30-Mar-18 03:30, Cliff Witherspoon wrote:
>>> Thanks for the help. Will work on that.
>>> Cliff Witherspoon
>>> Red Arrow Entertainment
>>> 864-613-4201
>>>> On Mar 29, 2018, at 5:37 PM, Richard Elen <relen at brideswell.com> wrote:
>>>> If you can split the feed, eg with Audio Hijack, you could feed the audio into a streaming audio client, such as Nicecast (mp3 only, $, due to be discontinued), LadioCast (mp3/AAC, free, App Store) or BUTT (free) and send it to the server. All three of those apps support Icecast logins.
>>>> --R
>>>>> On 29-Mar-18 21:51, Cliff Witherspoon wrote:
>>>>> I own a recording studio. We do a weekly live concert broadcast to Facebook using Wirecast software. There is an internet radio station that uses icecast that wants to carry the audio from my broadcast live. I have no idea how to get the audio to them. I use Mac computers. Can someone help me with that.
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