[Icecast] IceCast Listenter Count Stat - BASH or php?

José Luis Artuch artuch at speedy.com.ar
Sun Mar 11 19:52:19 UTC 2018

Hi ScanCaster,
Some like this ? ...
Connect and disconnect to https://www.radioz.online to check both.
José Luis

El jue, 08-03-2018 a las 04:54 +0000, ScanCaster escribió:
> Is there some simple way to get just the listener count on mounts out
> of 
> IceCast, specifically 2.4.1
> Via BASH preferred, or CLI php if I must, I guess python 2.x would be
> an 
> option too. (3.x is not an option though!)
> All the stuff I've seen is scrapping things from the status.xsl,
> which is 
> bad form.
> I really just need the listener count, and something I can run say
> every 
> 2-3 minutes via CRON job. Also note, any solution has to work on
> Linux, I 
> do not use any non Linux platforms.
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