[Icecast] How do I combine my ssl certs?

Walter York walteryork at hotmail.com
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There is a github repo that will create and then another script to renew your Let's Encrypt Certs for Icecast.  The commands are well documented to help you customize for your specific implementation.

The Repo is here:


The commands to concatenate the certs are:

#Replace domain.tld for the name of your domain as setup in Let's Encrypt.

#Append FullChain to Icecast certificate
cat /etc/letsencrypt/live/domain.tld/fullchain.pem > /usr/share/icecast/ssl/domain.tld.pem
#Append privkey to Icecast certificate
cat /etc/letsencrypt/live/domain.tld/privkey.pem >> /usr/share/icecast/ssl/domain.tld.pem

I ended up moving to Icecast-KH because they don not require combined certificates, it handles encryption much better as you can use the same port for both http and https and other encryption improvements that make it better than icecast.

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I have https/ssl on my site ok, but it uses two certificates from letsencrypt which renew automatically every three months.
However - Icecase says.

If specified, this points to the location of a file that contains both the X.509 private and public key. This is required for HTTPS support to be enabled. Please note that the user Icecast is running as must be able to read the file. Failing to ensure this will cause a “Invalid cert file” WARN message, just as if the file wasn’t there.

So what is meant here. How do I combine my keys into a file to satisfy this?

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