[Icecast] Problems with metadata updates

Jordan Verner jordan at caturria.ca
Tue Jul 31 14:36:18 UTC 2018

I am writing a source client (from scratch). I’ve got the actual audio streaming part worked out just fine, but the metadata has me scratching my head a little bit.
According to the docs, to update metadata for an mp3 stream you’re supposed to issue an http request like this:
http://hostname:port/admin/metadata?mode=updinfo&mount=/station&song=test <http://hostname:port/admin/metadata?mode=updinfo&mount=/station&song=test>
If I send this request authenticated with the source username/password, I get this, and the metadata is not updated:
<message>Mountpoint will not accept URL updates</message>
If I issue the same request but authenticate it using the admin password, it works and shows the following:
<message>Metadata update successful</message>
Lastly, if I hit admin/metadata.xsl instead of admin/metadata, and authenticate with source credentials and the exact same query parameters, it updates successfully, but of course returns a full HTML admin page instead of just the simple xml response.
For now I’m having to hit the metadata.xsl page and then probe the resulting HTML for the words metadata update successful instead of being able to do it the intended way as per the example in the documentation.
What gives?
Also, are there any other valid mode strings besides updinfo?


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