[Icecast] Crash!!!

Thomas B. Rücker thomas at ruecker.fi
Fri Aug 31 08:35:29 UTC 2018


On 08/30/2018 08:27 PM, Sytze Visser wrote:
> Dear members
> I have for 3 days now been battling with an icecast crash. Since I
> have 3  months of after hours experience I am taking some real strain
> in resolving it and hope someone can help. I have included as much
> info as possible. Please let me know what else you need.

Which version of Icecast is this?

It might be helpful to see the Icecast error.log messages leading up to
a crash.
If possible at log level 4 DBUG.
I'm slightly confused because your path section looks rather odd.


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