[Icecast] Icecast not working (error log provided)

Wayne Barron wayne at cffcs.com
Wed Aug 8 02:32:50 UTC 2018

Hello all;

I have Icecast2 and Liquidsoap installed on an Ubuntu Server.

This is the error log from the server

[2018-08-08  02:22:18] INFO sighandler/_sig_die Caught signal 15,
shutting down...
[2018-08-08  02:22:18] INFO main/main Shutting down
[2018-08-08  02:22:18] INFO fserve/fserve_shutdown file serving stopped
[2018-08-08  02:22:18] INFO slave/_slave_thread shutting down current relays
[2018-08-08  02:22:18] INFO slave/_slave_thread Slave thread shutdown complete
[2018-08-08  02:22:18] INFO auth/auth_shutdown Auth shutdown
[2018-08-08  02:22:18] INFO yp/yp_shutdown YP thread down
[2018-08-08  02:22:19] INFO stats/stats_shutdown stats thread finished
[2018-08-08  02:22:19] INFO main/main Icecast 2.4.3 server started
[2018-08-08  02:22:19] INFO connection/get_ssl_certificate No SSL capability
[2018-08-08  02:22:19] INFO stats/_stats_thread stats thread started
[2018-08-08  02:22:19] INFO yp/yp_update_thread YP update thread started

On the web admin page. It is not showing anything under
Mountpoint list
Server Status
Public Home

Information only showed under
Admin Home

Could someone please let me know what my next step should be?
Thank you


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