[Icecast] DNAS v1 YP

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Sun Aug 5 02:34:40 UTC 2018

Yes it has changed.  They stopped Shoutcast v1 servers from submitting YP updates and in the process it stopped Icecast servers since it uses the same protocol.

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On 08/04/2018 07:00 PM, Marvin Scholz wrote:
> On 4 Aug 2018, at 16:12, Ross Levis wrote:
>> I've been told that Icecast streams could be listed on the popular 
>> Shoutcast.com directory if it supported the new DNAS v2 protocol for 
>> YP updates.  Any thoughts of adding support for that?
> There are no plans to add that. And personally I would oppose such an 
> addition. (Thats just my opinion, not sure what the opinion of the 
> other Icecast developers is about that.)

Last I heard they were accepting YP submissions (only for MP3 and AAC
though) from Icecast servers.
Did that change?

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