[Icecast] NAT and Playlist Question

Jake jake at jakebriggs.com
Mon Apr 2 20:06:45 UTC 2018

You may need to set up a reverse proxy depending on your setup. 

What is the external URL? Is it something like http://example.com ? Or http://example.com/playlist.pls ? Or perhaps http://example.com:8000/playlist.pls ?

I guess I am asking if you are natting from 80 to 8000, or something like that. There could be firewall rules on the outgoing connection that stop getting at port 8000. 

Also, what error do you get when attempting to get the URL with curl or wget?

If your URL is not private, I'd be happy to have a poke at it. I can't guarantee a solution though haha


On 3 April 2018 4:52:09 AM NZST, Inetken <inetken at gmail.com> wrote:
>Brief backstory, previous admin is gone and the previous server died. 
>I could gather was it may have been running Icecast.  I setup Icecast
>on a
>new CentOS 7 server and the server sits behind a firewall.  The links
>the users web site points to and internal address for internal users
>and an
>link to an external address.
>I created a listen.pls playlist with the following:
>File1=http://<INTERNAL IP>:8000/
>The website points to this playlist file and it works fine.  However,
>I use the external link offsite I get an error that it cannot download
>listen.pls file and won't play the stream.  Should this work as I have
>configured?  How should I configure Icecast to work behind a NAT
>for internal and external users?
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