[Icecast] NAT and Playlist Question

Inetken inetken at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 16:52:09 UTC 2018

Brief backstory, previous admin is gone and the previous server died.  What
I could gather was it may have been running Icecast.  I setup Icecast on a
new CentOS 7 server and the server sits behind a firewall.  The links from
the users web site points to and internal address for internal users and an
link to an external address.

I created a listen.pls playlist with the following:

File1=http://<INTERNAL IP>:8000/

The website points to this playlist file and it works fine.  However, when
I use the external link offsite I get an error that it cannot download the
listen.pls file and won't play the stream.  Should this work as I have it
configured?  How should I configure Icecast to work behind a NAT firewall
for internal and external users?

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