[Icecast] Resample and Relay Using Icecast2

Jordan Erickson jordan at coolmic.net
Tue Sep 5 15:30:11 UTC 2017

Hi Robert,

Icecast itself doesn't do any resampling of audio streams it receives.
One would likely craft a solution that listens to the original stream
and re-encodes on the fly, providing those alternate bitrate streams
back to Icecast. I've heard people doing this with liquidsoap and other
source clients, and a bit of server-side magic.

Some quick Googling provided me with this link that will likely explain


Jordan Erickson

On 09/04/2017 11:37 PM, Robert Jeffares wrote:
> I have an external  aac+ source mounted on an Icecast2 server.
> The source can deliver only one stream.
> I want to relay the stream in a smaller format as we have severe
> bandwidth limitations at this site.
> Is this possible in Icecast2?
> regards
> Robert
> Capitol FM Te Puke
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