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Greg Ogonowski greg at indexcom.com
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Not all browsers support the ICY HTTP Streaming Protocol. For AAC, it requires ADTS support, which contrary to popular belief, IS NOT RAW. It is AAC frames in an audio transport stream, not video TS.

To play this requires specific support, and it also needs to know about the embedded metadata, which once again, contrary to popular belief, ICY metadata IS NOT ID3vX.

ICY MP3 streaming is similar, although becoming less and less relevant because of low efficiency MP3.


There are a number of Flash Players that can play ICY/FLV formatted streams within browsers, including metadata, but with Flash being the security nightmare that it has become, this is another problem for ICY compatibility.



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Hi does anyone have any luck playing radio streams  using internet explorer

Only our station plays no problem using firefox  crome and edge but will not play in IE


we are broadcasting  using aac



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