[Icecast] convert public online radios to ogg and stream them inside company

MAROS maros+icecast at soitron.eu
Sun Oct 15 18:49:44 UTC 2017

Hello dear icecast fans,

In my company we have voip phones, that can also play OGG stream /online
radio streams/
There are some good public online radios, which however uses MP3 stream.

I want convert different online public streams from mp3 to ogg, and offer
ogg streams in my company, so our voip phones can play them.

Can icecast (ezstream,ices) be used for my scenario?

I tried a relay configuration (w/o conversion at the beginning) for one
public online stream:.


but it doesn't work. In log file I found:
INFO slave/start_relay_stream Starting relayed source at mountpoint
INFO slave/open_relay_connection connecting to live.slovakradio.sk:8080
WARN slave/open_relay_connection Failed to connect to

Can relay feature be used for public online stream? or just for my own
primary stream?

Thanks a lot for any help and routing to right way.
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