[Icecast] Question About Difference between SVRINFONAME and SRVINFODESCRIPTION

Steve Matzura sm at noisynotes.com
Wed May 24 13:25:06 UTC 2017

SRVINFONAME shows up in the title bar of a media player but does not
change automatically when it changes on the stream. If the stream is
restarted on the media player, the contents of SVRINFONAME is
refreshed. What about SRVINFODESCRIPTION? Where is it displayed in a
media player screen, and when is it refreshed in a media player if it
changes on the stream? I'm trying to solve a years-old problem on my
Icecast (2.4.3) server where the show title is sent in SRVINFONAME.
I'm wondering if I change that to SRVINFODESCRIPTION might things get

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