[Icecast] Frauenhofer signing off on mp3, ogg stream player for Macs?

Robert Jeffares jeffares.robert at gmail.com
Mon May 15 22:25:43 UTC 2017


I am using AAC+ encoded by Darkice and distributed on Icecast2 on a 
Ubuntu server. I had to install a number of open source libraries and 
compile darkice from source. No licence.

non-free means you build each one stand alone and can't re distribute.

Quality is excellent, and it runs on most players.

I kept some notes [see below]

I am using AAC+ to feed a couple of LPFM sites with almost zero errors 
over what had been troublesome paths for mp3

HE-AAC audio v2 (with SBR + PS) is the superb audio encoder used to 
encode high quality audio at really low bitrates (32 kbit/s). Quote from 
Wikipedia "Data from this testing also indicated that some individuals 
confused 48 kbit/s encoded material with an uncompressed original."

In order to quickly compile your ​libaacplus library, you can type the 
following commands in your shell:

# apt-get install libfftw3-dev pkg-config autoconf automake libtool unzip
$ wget 
$ tar -xzf libaacplus-2.0.2.tar.gz
$ cd libaacplus-2.0.2
$ ./autogen.sh --enable-shared --enable-static
$ make
# make install
# ldconfig

P.S. If you are using Ubuntu, you'll most probably have to use sudo for 
the last 2 commands, like:

$ sudo make install
$ sudo ldconfig

In case that website above (hosting libaacplus) goes offline, you can 
download the copy of that tar.gz file from here: (MD5: 

$ wget http://ffmpeg.gusari.org/uploads/libaacplus-2.0.2.tar.gz

More info at: ​http://tipok.org.ua/node/17

NOTE: libaacplus is a non-free library, so you won't be able to build 
GPL alike FFmpeg with this library, i.e. your FFmpeg will not be 


Robert Jeffares

On 16/05/17 09:46, Jack Elliott wrote:
> Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits has stopped providing 
> licenses for MP3 technology, "[...] noting that more superior audio 
> formats have rendered the MP3 obsolete. Speaking to National Public 
> Radio (USA), the Fraunhofer Institute said AAC has since become the 
> 'de facto standard for music download and videos on mobile phones.' "
> http://www.networkworld.com/article/3196788/consumer-electronics/mp3-player-ipod-licensing-dead.html 
> This raises a point I wanted to ask about. Icecast supports mp3 (it's 
> the current lowest-common denominator for media players, yes?) and 
> ogg. I'd like to send a higher-fidelity stream from our music festival 
> remotes, but ogg isn't an option because the station's media player, 
> iTunes (running on a Mac) doesn't support ogg.
> Is there any work being done to support AAC in Icecast? Oh, wait. Use 
> of AAC in an encoder requires paying a licensing fee. Drat.
> So we have mp3 (free, sounds crummy, everything plays it) and ogg 
> (free, sounds better, but does anyone know of any programs for Macs 
> that can play an ogg stream?)

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