[Icecast] Ogg stream stops on Chrome for Android

Edu Cury contato at eduardocury.net
Mon Mar 20 03:14:52 UTC 2017

Thank you Scott. I will try to test in more devices. This errors is
ocurring with my moto g3 android 6.0 and also happened with another device
with same especifications. Maybe its a moto g3 issue.

The mp3 and he-aac works fine with no problem.

Thank you

Em 20 de mar de 2017 12:10 AM, "0turn1 at gmail.com" <0turn1 at gmail.com>

> I also opened it in several other devices and browserz just now and it
> worked in all of them . It may be user side problems and I would tell you
> to ignor any single reported error... make note of it of course but until
> several report the same error point the user to a support page to check to
> make certain that they are updated and able to play it.. otherwise you are
> chasing rabbits that do not exist.
> Scott Winterstein
> On Mar 20, 2017 1:00 AM, "Edu Cury" <contato at eduardocury.net> wrote:
>> Hello, im a big fan of Ogg stream with my icecast server. Unfortunately
>> the stream stops after few minutes using Chrome on Android devices. With
>> the firefox browser it works fine, but stops with chrome.
>> <http://www.audiogrooves.net>
>> To reproduce the problem please open this link with chrome on any android
>> device.
>> http://soul.audiogrooves.net/soul.ogg
>> The stream starts ok but will stop after few minutes or seconds.
>> Any ideas to fix this?
>> Thanks
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