[Icecast] Hello to all

Can Kırca cankirca at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 20:06:13 UTC 2017


I have a static IP, there is no problem.

But there is a stupid question: for example, if i upload 3 MP3 files
on my server, how can i use these files in a seperat embed code?

In radio systems, we're using xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:portnumber, in my setup,
How can i use it?

Thanks in advance.

2017-03-19 22:18 GMT+03:00, Alan Bowness <awi3 at live.com>:
> Try a free or paid DDNS service like noip.com – just remember to port
> forward to your server address on the lan with the port you use for icecast
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>   Hello to all,
> My name's Can, I'm a server administrator in a middle-size company.
> I have a small question about Icecast.
> I'm about to create an online learning platform for blind users. I
> installed Moodle, would like to embed audio contents into lessons to
> prevent downloading.
> Is it possible to use Icecast as an audio streamer? I used it for a
> radio before, but after installation Icecast to my CentOS or Ubuntu
> server, what can i do to get URL for my
> audio files?
> Thanks for your answers from now,
> regards.
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Can Kırca

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