[Icecast] Sending artist - title - album metadata

Richard G Elen relen at brideswell.com
Wed Jun 7 14:54:37 UTC 2017

Another correspondent here has pointed out that:

> Recently Stream Licensing LLC has changed their requirements so that
> streaming internet stations in the US must stream the album [name]
> along with the song title and artist.

We are also in this particular boat. We are using Centova Cast which uses Liquidsoap as its AutoDJ and Centova say that if the album tag is stored in the file then it will be sent. We know it's there because it is displayed by Centova's widgets. However it doesn't seem to be sent with the stream. We have an Artist (aka Creator) and a Title field in the XSPF but the Album name is not included in either, or in its own tag. There is no Album field either. Can there be? If so, how?

When we are running a remote live stream, we come in via the Shoutcast V1 method, which takes over the /autodj mount point. We send "Artist - Title - Album" via the http GET method and this all appears in the Title field in the XSPF (it's the same if we come in via a conventional Icecast login to the /live mount point).

Here the Title tag contains "Artist - Title - Album"
This displays on a player, typically (eg WinAmp), as
Title: Title - Album
Artist: Artist
There is no "album" field as such.

We also notice, looking at the xspf file, that the "creator" tag is empty, while with the autodj it contains the artist.

The spec from StreamLicensing is "Your stream meta-data needs to include artist - title - album info (album info if available)." and
"Your encoder should be transmitting the required Meta Fields that are Artist, Title and Album. Most automation systems do this by default but you may need to check the users guide for your system to make sure it does and if not you will have to change it to send the ALBUM tag."

Firstly, we would like to get an Album field transmitted when the AutoDJ is playing. I appreciate that this may be a LiquidSoap issue but I would appreciate any guidance that readers here may be able to offer.

Secondly, when we are driving the server from a remote live stream, we might be of the opinion that the Title tag includes all three elements required by StreamLicensing. However it is evident that the information is displayed in a completely different way in the two cases and this seems unnecessary. How can we rationalise the way in which the three tags are indicated, explicitly defining the Album field, and have it presented in/the same way/  in both live and autodj cases?

Version: Icecast 2.4.0-kh4

Many thanks in advance for any advice. I have not included any XML snippets here in case the forum software dislikes them but I can if it would help.

--Richard Elen
Radio Riel

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