[Icecast] ssl streaming cert error

Otis Maclay omaclay at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 17:46:17 UTC 2017


I'm streaming on a secure site so the icecast server has to use ssl.
i had it working last year with no problem, using the same cert as the
server (same key, same cert in the pem file icecast had access to).
no problem
when the cert expired, i renewed and put new crt into the pem file so
icecast would be good for another year.
icecast claims the key is invalid.
or sometimes claims the crt is invalid.
they both check out with ssl, and that combination is working for the
i'm stumped.
these certs are both working for the server, and the combination worked
last year.
the only change is the new cert.
permissions are ok.
if start icecast with the old pem, it still accepts it (but since the crt
has expired it flags that on browsers).

i could really use some wisdom here....

thanks for anything

Otis Maclay
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