[Icecast] Tunein on Vizio plays only 1 sec, works fine elsewhere...

Ray Lutz raylutz at cognisys.com
Mon Jul 17 23:39:28 UTC 2017


My icecast stream is at http://airprogressive.org:8000/stream Website is 

This works on Tunein on most platforms, including Android and PC, like 
this: https://beta.tunein.com/radio/AirProgressiveorg-s141251/

But on Vizio "Smart" TV app, it only plays about 1 sec, then stops with 
no indicated error.

But icecast still believes the stream is connected until I RETURN to the 
previous screen on the VIZIO TV.

Here is a video of the failure on the Vizio TV. 

I changed icecast parameter "burst" from 64K to 128K with no change in 
the failure.

Vizio has "Radiotime Widget" version 0.44.0.

My stream runs at 32kbps and 22050 hz sample rate, joint stereo.

Anyone else come across this?


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