[Icecast] Increasing Icecast input buffering ?

Jean-Marc Coursimault icecast at axperia.net
Wed Oct 19 07:57:35 UTC 2016


My question is : is there a way to have Icecast buffer the input / 
increase the input buffering ? Even though the latency would increase ?

Why :  On some radio streams, the listeners to a Icecast stream 
experience very frequent silences / disconnections.

I strongly suspect that the source has a slow/bursty connection to 
Icecast so that the data sent to the Icecast server arrives in too 
discontinuous chunks, even though the average connection speed is ok.

What's more, they tell me that the Icecast output is in advance vs the 
actual radio broadcast (through a link to their FM emitter). So I guess 
that their emitter has some sort of buffering.

-- JM

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