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Hi Mark,

I’m subscribed to this group also.  Icecast Server supports fallback mounts to handle this situation.  We have this configured for some of our stream hosting customers.  Something like this is configured in the icecast.xml...


Your automation sends to /auto.aac, you advertise /listen.aac for the listeners to connect to.  DJ's connect to /live.aac.

Change or remove the ".aac" depending on codec.


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You can use Station Playlist to pick up the stream from the remote DJ

On 17/10/16 07:47, Mark wrote:
        Good evening,
i am new to icecast and  trying to do the following
1 i have a stream going 24 hours 7 days a week with back to back music and what i am trying to do is have our djs connect thugh the day at there time slots but are all around the Uk so not from 1 location 
the problem is when i am streaming noone elce   can start there show with out me  disconnecting
the software i am using is station playlist 
was told what i am trying to do i would  need icecast only have been using shoutcast 
hope some one can help

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