[Icecast] Icecast and AAC streams

Dennis Heerema dennis at heerema.net
Fri Mar 4 05:48:41 PST 2016

Great tool to do this: liquidsoap 

Keep in mind that transcoding degrades the quality of tour stream dramaticly. You can avoid this by feeding liquidsoap or stream transcoder with a highquality or even transparant stream and trancode this to the different streaming formats you like. I used to do this by feeding a flac stream to liquidsoap and transcode this to 5 different stream formats i needed. But you might be fine if you feed your transcoder with 320 kbps AAC and transcoder this to lower formats. Maybe experiment with a high quality ogg stream, this might give you beter results due to the use of a different audio compression mask.

Kind regards,


Op 4 mrt. 2016 2:21 PM schreef Steve Matzura <sm at noisynotes.com>:

All the broadcasters on the server which I support deliver their
content in MP3 format. Recently, there's been interest in supplying a
second AAC stream at half the bandwidth but with the same audio
quality (64kbps AAC versus 128kbps MP3) like TuneInRadio does for
delivering their content regardless of the source. I've thought of
using a third-party product called Stream Transcoder, but am dubious
as to whether it will do the job. Does anyone know of a better or more
efficient way to do this? I know the MP3 stream requires re-encoding
into AAC format, but am not sure of the proper tool to use to do it.

As always, thanks in advance.
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