[Icecast] Config and other areas of struggle

David Saunders abitar.com at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 13:17:22 UTC 2016

  Can you access the status/admin page?  When we have clients or sources
who having issue with connecting to our server we  have them in the browser
see if they can access this page.  This will show if or if not there an
connection issue in the network.

The bigest issue we have is the client/source sides have firewall setup
blocking the connection.

one thing you can do use a a vpn like tunnelBear(i suggested this since it
free and install on many platforms) and check the connection back to your
network from outside of your network.  If your local connection is working
the vpn connection should would work.  unless your router has an firewall
issue of some kind.   some routers do not do a local loop back to the
external ip and some will l loop it back before firewall rules are applied!

firewall  can be in the server and on any the routers it has to go through.

Simple debug track:
using the admin/status  page http://<ip/name>:8000/ in  your favorite  web
  1> check localhost ( connection from the server computer ) using internal
         -- Mainly checks to see if the server is available
  2> check local network ( from another machine other then the server)
using local ip.
         -- checks to see if you can access out the server. ( check server
firewall if fails, or make sure server icecast is listening to the right
network, check the client compute for connection issues).
  3> check external connection ( from a computer/connection external to
your network) using the public IP and if needed the public name.
          -- This If your using a external connection( is a vpn or dial up
) you should have a direct connection back to the public ip and the issue
would be in the router OR YOUR ISP is not allowing it.
          Check make sure the public name is working , it could be the DNS
is messed up some how or your dynamic DNS is not updating.

      --OR you can go to a another next work external from you network,
most external networks that are public access do not block port 8000/8001 I
have found but some private ones will. Business and some schools who only
allow a very restrictive range.

if you use ping/traceroute, your router has to be setup to replies to these
commands. It become common place to block this tool for fear of DOS attacks.

I went over board on my description so someone having issues in the future
with connections issues can work on it. This is how I track down issues
 when out server having issue wit client/source connections.

Pardon my interruption if I was to far off subject.

On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 8:37 AM, Damien Sykes-Lindley <
damien at dcpendleton.plus.com> wrote:

> Hi Alan,
> All firewalls are switched off and I’ve changed the port to 8010. Still
> can’t access it from the global IP or domain name.
> Cheers.
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