[Icecast] Config and other areas of struggle

Alan Bowness awi3 at live.com
Fri Jul 22 21:12:09 UTC 2016

I use a few raspberry pi’s and leave the icecast settings as localhost, and run darkice on the same Pi, I have let the router know to pass requests to port 8000 to the IP of the Pi.
Using your external IP is not right, if your server is say thats the port forward, just be sure that the ports you use are in the router too, udp/tcp I use both myself watch for typos.

I think you are looking into it too far, its basic really, sometimes I find rebooting the router (depends on type) will open the ports after a config change within the router, find its system settings in router, and use the reboot option if you can find it, else a cold boot – switch it off for 30sec.


From: Damien Sykes-Lindley 
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Hi Alan,
In actual fact, I’m having to test everything (server, streamer and player) on the same machine, which is configured in my router to be the server. I have opened the port specified in my config and the port after it and I have set it to allow both TCP and UDP, as I didn’t know which it used.
I have also tried setting the hostname to my external IP address rather than a domain, and have even tried linking the port to a bound address, nothing. In fact if I specify a bind-address it actually comes up with an error when starting the server itself.
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